Churros in Barcelona
A favorite discovery in Barcelona was the seemingly abundant existence of what you might call old-school establishments. These bakeries, cafes, sweets shops, and restaurants went about their business with style and efficiency that felt refreshingly authentic.

In our Berlin neighborhood, places such as these were quickly going extinct. Often they were so newly out of business that the shop interior was still in place and the sign still out front because no one had moved in yet. It always makes me sad to arrive at a shop threshold wherever it may be and realize that I’ve just missed the end of an era. So I’m happy to report that this didn’t happen to us in here.

Locating the best chocolate and churros in Barcelona is a task I would leave to someone with more time than we had. But we did find two traditional places in the Barrí Gothic that serve delicious churros and chocolate.

Granja La Pallaresa

Carrer de Petritxol 11, Barcelona

Churros in Barcelona
The sign out front says “since 1947” and the place has something of a diner feel to it, despite the white shirts and black ties worn by the wait staff. Delicious and simple. We were lucky to get a seat because by the time we left, a crowd was waiting outside to get in.

Churros in Barcelona

churros y chocolate

Granja Dulcinea

Petritxol 2, Barcelona

side street in Barcelona
I believe it was founded in 1941—at least that’s what I understood when I ran the Catalan description. Located on a tiny street that is so narrow, it was dark even in the daytime. In fact, while we were waiting for them to open, we wandered just around the corner to find a gorgeous sunset happening on the Basilica Santa Maria Del Pi.

The all-male staff was supervised by a serious and watchful elderly gentleman. There were no smiles and everything was very proper. Photos were frowned upon. Loved the interior despite those crazy bright lights.

traditional Barcelona cafe

Churros y chocolate in Barcelona

Basilica Santa Maria Del Pi

Photos by Anthony Georgis

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  • Yum, I really want to eat churros with chocolate. Strangely, I never came across any when I’ve been in Spain but I haven’t visited any larger cities and I sometimes go looking for food at the wrong times due to the difference in mealtimes there. Lovely report and pictures.

    I am sad about the old-school places that close in Berlin, too.

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