It’s a good pr event when the museum curator leads dozens of curious bloggers into the institution’s cavernous attic and warns everyone to be careful because the floor seems to be unstable—and then leaves it at that. After a few nervous laughs and timid steps, the warning got tossed aside and we headed into the space above the dome for a secret peek at this seldom-seen space.

We were on a private tour of the Timeless Beauty exhibition, a 100-year survey of fashion photography from Many Ray to Mario Testino that is happening now through October 28. The photographs are displayed with the magazines that presented them, a choice that highlights the shifts in the visual language of fashion over the decades.

The building that houses C/O Berlin was once the Royal Post Office and it is as interesting as the exhibitions on display. The interior is a charming, banged-up mix of architectural details that only Berlin could pull off; ornate nineteenth-century floor tiles give way to curling sheets of 1970s DDR linoleum, the stairway walls are exposed layers of chipped paint…and you guessed it—the building’s future is uncertain, so visit while you still can.

Timeless Beauty
100 years of fashion photography from Man Ray to Mario Testino
August 18 to October 28, 2012
C/O Berlin im Postfuhramt
Oranienburger Straße 35/36
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