One of the most beloved landmarks in Minneapolis is the Stone Arch Bridge, a pedestrian bridge that connects downtown with St Anthony. Originally, the Stone Arch was a train bridge, so foot traffic (and bicycle and horse and buggy traffic, too) crossed the water on the 10th Avenue Bridge just to its south. Incidentally, this bridge was also directly connected the businesses I talked about the other day.

Tenth Street Bridge Minneapolis
The iron truss 10th Avenue Bridge was built in 1874 to replace a narrow wooden foot bridge, which eventually fell into disrepair and was dismantled in 1943. Minneapolis wouldn’t have another dedicated pedestrian crossing until 1994, when the city tore out the railroad tracks on the Stone Arch.

The remaining pier is to the far left. Click to enlarge.

In the early part of this summer, we got record amounts of rain and the Mississippi raged. Most people took advantage of the view from the Stone Arch Bridge to marvel at the massive amounts of water coming over the falls just to the north. To the south, however, was something a little less dramatic but totally fascinating—the remnants of one pier from the 10th Avenue Bridge. It was speculated that the whole thing was going to get swept away.

Old Minneapolis bridge pier

But…it’s still there. A little smaller than last year at this time, but intact.

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Black and white photos courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Photos by Rebecca Silus for The Field Office.