The Desert

February 5, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

We’ve begun the drive into the desert now. Flirting a bit with Route 66. Stayed at one of the old motels in Williams, Arizona last night. Going to have a look around town this morning (but man it is chilly out there) and then peek into the Grand Canyon.

Outdoor Movie Theater at the Ace Hotel

February 4, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Our baggage is slowly expanding. When we arrived in London, all we had were two small suitcases and our computer bags. After gaining access to Anthony’s storage in Portland, we filled up the car with all kinds of fun things including an over-sized printer, a box of office and art supplies, and a beamer (er, … Read More

Palm Springs

February 2, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Ok people. Right now I am doing something I really love: internetting from locations that are not my desk. This time it is on the lounge pad in front of the outdoor fireplace on our private patio in Palm Springs (fireplace photo is from last night). Drinking a cup of Stumptown coffee that my guy … Read More

The Getty

February 1, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

There is so much we didn’t do during our time here. I tried to console myself during the return tram ride from the Getty yesterday that we did a lot and that three weeks just isn’t enough time to do it all. But still I feel bad. The trip to the Getty was a small … Read More

Over the weekend

January 31, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Over the weekend, we did our best to enjoy these last days in our indoor/outdoor living space, including some QT time in the hammock. Also finally set foot on the Venice Pier and ventured into the Hollywood Hills for a teetering hike above the city in Runyon Canyon Park.

The Paramount Ranch

January 30, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Eighty degrees. Sunny. Dry air with a perfect-o breeze. A field. This was one of the simplest but loveliest weddings I’ve been to. So low-key, beautiful, and heartfelt. Well done, you two. We wish you all the best!

Working in the van

January 23, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Using the van as a mobile office worked out pretty well, though there are a few things that would need to be sorted out in the future. Number one was power for all the devices; two computers, a camera being used for a lot of video, two iPhones being used as cameras, maps, and google … Read More

Storm warning!

January 22, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

Normally, the red exclamation mark on the weather app would, you know, warn you of meteorological mayhem. I love living somewhere where the severe weather alert warns us of storm systems that are “expected to bring a threat of light rain.” We’ve been opening up this screen shot for the last couple of days whenever … Read More

San Onofre Beach

January 20, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca If you would have told me a week ago that I would pay $35 a night for a camp site (the bargain price compared to $60 for the beachfront spot) or a $15 day-use fee to go to the beach, I would have thought you crazy. But now that we have participated in … Read More