Joshua Tree to Salton Sea to San Diego.

January 17, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca I’m writing this at the van’s table with a view of the Pacific out the front window. We actually ended up north of San Diego, at San Elijo State Beach as a result of yet another unfortunate shortcoming of the California State Park system; it seems they have changed the definition of the … Read More

Borrego Springs

January 16, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca (photos by Anthony) My brain was about to explode by the time we got to Borrego Springs yesterday evening. We’d had one near-death experience with an idiot RV-driver and had been trying for most of the afternoon to find a place to set up camp. None of the information from our various sources … Read More

Joshua Tree, day two.

January 14, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca A day in the park with an afternoon stint at the Starbucks in Yucca Valley, where we attempted to recharge all of the various batteries. This needs a post of its own, though I think I will not be writing it. Our camping spot the first night at White Tank was great—just a … Read More

Joshua Tree

January 13, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca Arrived in Joshua Tree last night at sunset. Anthony set up the tripod after we got settled and got that first shot. No internets here and a general lack of power for recharging of the multiple devices and batteries is making this blogger fall behind—so much good stuff to show and it’s killing … Read More

Mobile office.

January 11, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca Anthony used to be a van owner. Me, too. That was a long time ago, for both of us. And it was one of the first things we talked about. And we’ve talked about it many times since—how great would it be to get another one? Could we work and live in one? … Read More


January 9, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca We’ve been in LA for one week and have hardly used the car. I never would have thought that I would find this here, of all places. I suppose it has something to do with hq being in Venice—our daily walks to the beach and the grocery store mean that we walk at … Read More

The schedule.

January 5, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel, Workbook

By Rebecca The alarm goes off at 6:30am. We work like crazies so that we can go to the beach in the afternoon. This is the way here. Well, this is supposed to be the way all of the time, but there isn’t usually an 80 degree day + an ocean as incentive. On my … Read More

Hello Los Angeles

January 3, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

We made it! And we seem to have landed in a Dwell magazine in Venice Beach. By total coincidence, our hosts are German and we have the run of their guest house, which is…gorgeous and cozy. Why yes, that is the view from my desk and a garage door that opens our entire space onto … Read More

Rawr. Notes from the suburbs.

January 2, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca One of the things that I love about Anthony is that he is always enthusiastically up for anything. In London, he was ready to get on a random bus with me just to see where we ended up. In Usedom, he ran through a tick-infested field with the deer so that I could … Read More

New Year’s Day

January 2, 20122011/12 Tour, Travel

We stayed at an (awesome) Airbnb sublet in Oakland these last couple of nights—that’s the building and our wheels—until packing it up on New Year’s Day to continue south through Big Sur. We kept with the beach picnic tradition and had a lunch of mackerel and salad on a cliff that smelled like a combination … Read More