Step away from the car.

December 4, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca Is this article about cities tearing down their freeways for real? Because it fits exactly with the conflicted feelings I’ve been having about the prospect of moving back to the US. Whenever I think about moving back, I immediately come up against the question: where exactly would that place be? I find myself … Read More

Washington Park & other sunny places

December 1, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca According to the locals, Portland is luring me in with a dazzling show of sunshine. According to them, if I fall for it and choose to stay, it will promptly do an about-face and piss rain for the next six months straight, leaving me smelling of mildew and desperation. Perhaps that is true, … Read More

Hello Portland

November 30, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca It took a drive of over 2000 miles, but we finally found a place that feels like things are right with the world. Except that it’s dark here and there is a lot of rain—though we have seen the sun a lot more than I expected! Love it here. More on that later.

Afternoon tea at the National Portrait Gallery

November 25, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca One of the loveliest things that’s come out of writing this blog has been my friendship with Natalie and Coffee Boy of Afternoon Tea Total. We always see each other when they are in Berlin, so it was really fun to meet this time around at their home in London. They not only … Read More

Salt Lake City

November 22, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca A few impressions of Salt Lake City after a short stint there include surprise at how far and disconnected the lake is from the city. Also totally fascinated by the Mormon synthesis of Euro art and architecture into their own American aesthetic—I’m thinking the temple, the large oil paintings and sculptures in the … Read More


November 20, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

We didn’t make it to Salt Lake City the other night. A storm moved in and instead of traversing the mountain pass in the snowy dark, we holed up for the night in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Not that much snow fell overnight, but when we set out the next morning, the roads were the worst … Read More

Hello America

November 19, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

By Rebecca I’m writing this from the car in far western Nebraska. The landscape is slowly changing from flat to hilly as we prepare to pass over into Wyoming. This is our second day on the road after arriving in Chicago on Wednesday evening. Things didn’t really end on a high note in London, as … Read More

Dennis Severs House

November 14, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca So far during our visit to London we’ve visited Westminster Abbey, the Tates, and the British Museum. We’ve enjoyed high teas and cream teas, savory pies (all good with the exception of Anthony’s run-in with a cold gamekeeper’s pie lined with livers), chip buttys, and Indian food from various establishments. We’ve navigated the … Read More

Turner at Tate Britain

November 13, 20112011/12 Tour, Travel

by Rebecca I am a sucker for cloud documentation of any kind, so Turner’s cloud notes really did a number on me: “Half cloud half plain, the lights of the clouds lighter, and the shades darker than the plain part and darker at the top than the bottom. The tint once over in the plain … Read More

Field Report 034: The Little Things

November 11, 20112011/12 Tour, The Field Report, Travel

by Rebecca This is not a forever farewell. But we will be gone from Berlin long enough that it is a significant good-bye. Even though Berlin has been my home for over three years, I sometimes have this feeling that if I leave I might not find my way back. And there were certainly times … Read More