Pieces of Berlin: Opening at Lomography Gallery Store

September 13, 2012Art and Design, Berlin

Long before there was Instagram, photographer Florian Reischauer was roaming the streets, empty lots, abandoned buildings, and apartment blocks of Berlin with his medium format film camera and posting his findings on his blog, Pieces of Berlin. As a collection, the blog truly represents Berlin more than any other I know. His portraits are an … Read More

Vintage Technology: Before Google Street View

July 18, 2012History

I can’t look at the quasi-360 degree scope and everyday details of this image and not think about Google Street View, which keeps coming across my radar in the form of amazing projects—but more on that later. For now let’s look at this incredible daguerreotype from 1848 that shows a panoramic view of Cincinnati’s riverfront … Read More

Mary Jo Hoffman / Still Blog

June 19, 2012Artists and Makers, Creative Life

A search for images of Lake Superior led to this beautiful and ongoing project by Mary Jo Hoffman that documents things gathered during daily excursions. I love it that she lists the original location of each item—the harbor in Grand Marais, the side of a highway, the beach in the Bretagne, trails in Saint Paul, … Read More

1936 Roadtrip

August 23, 2011Activities, History, The Distant Past

It’s the end of summer. There is a part of me these last weeks that has longed to be home, to go on a road trip, to be “somewhere in the West”—or at least have a valid Euro-driver’s license that would allow me to do a little adventuring. This road trip taken by my grandma … Read More