My back—well, my whole body, really—is killing me. It’s my work set up and it is seriously affecting my productivity. I knew I had to do something about it pronto, but that isn’t so easy, mainly because the costs of getting this office up to some kind of acceptable standard are…high. I asked around and was told that Ikea’s Verksam chair is really worth its price tag. And in reality, that price tag is pretty small based on the other lovely but outta my price range office chairs out there.

Anyways, a trip to Ikea ensued and other items were purchased, including two of these little Rationell Variera metal shelves at € 3,99 a pop. After getting home and assembling my chair, I realized that I still had a problem: my tiny laptop needed to get with the program and levitate to eye level. Sigh.

And so it goes; the list gets longer and the cost goes up. Looking around for an intermediate solution, I thought of the little metal shelves. And what do you know? Almost exactly the width of my laptop and the cutout pattern means there is airflow underneath. Although they are perhaps not the absolute perfect height for me (and not adjustable), it is a big improvement and I didn’t have to pay 40 €. For now.

So. I just wanted to pass that on in case you’re in the market for such a solution.

Next up for me: a wireless keyboard, the biggest monitor money can buy, and training myself to sit correctly.

+ American Routes, the Philadelphia Sounds show. American Routes is a weekly radio program on NPR. Different themes each week—a fascinating look into the history of American music. The Philadelphia Sounds show was spectacular—Joan Jett, Hall and Oats, Bobby Rydell, a mother and daughter klezmer band, the O’Jays, etc.