I think I need to write an update post, something along the lines of: we are on the ground, we are here. Not just for you, but for me. It still doesn’t seem real and I’m having a hard time shifting gears and I’m feeling pretty dazed.

Our initiation back into American culture was the purchasing of an automobile. After a drawn out week of looking and driving, we bought one on Sunday. I am excited to have it because I hope it will mean more frequent adventures further afield, something that I’ve missed these last years. But it is a ridiculous expense and…the whole issue of walking vs driving, the layout of the city, the lack of public transport…you know the deal…it is a serious blow to quality of life and it makes me sad.

Good stuff: the light here is golden and intense—super, super beautiful. And as much as I love the density of a big city and all of the wonderful things it brings, I missed the big skies and the connection to nature that you get in a smaller city like Minneapolis.

These photos are from our trip out to drive/pick up the car, which was located about an hour outside of the city. The couple who sold it to us raise turkeys! Also yes that is a frozen lake—it is really that cold here!

Hope all of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, wherever you may be, have/had a good one! I’m wondering if I can fit in a short walk before the cooking begins?

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Minnesota marsh

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  • A car!!! That is exciting! Does it have seat warmers like you wanted? 😉 I cannot believe it is already so cold there!! We are experiencing grey, rainy weather, so I promise you aren’t missing that much. Hopefully we will get a little dusting of snow before we leave for Christmas. We missed you guys at Thanksgiving this year!!! 🙁 But you were there in spirit.

    Oh yeah, we found an apartment. But it is NOT where we planned on moving. Still not sure how I feel about it…..

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