Food, Art, and the Paranormal in Marfa, Texas

February 6, 2012Travel

Marfa was the last stop on a five-month journey across the United States. Despite its tiny population (2000 people) and its achingly remote location (far west Texas), it is well-known and visited. Its claims to fame are rooted in the arts and the mysterious—read Donald Judd, the film classic Giant, Prada Marfa by Elmgreen & … Read More

Berlin Video Diaries

September 8, 2011Berlin

The Field Report: A weekly video diary from Berlin The Field Report began as a weekly video diary from Berlin in January 2011. The project ran in this format for 28 weeks with one video posted online every Monday. Using an iPhone and a dslr camera, I was interested in filming lo-fi, unscripted moments that … Read More


August 12, 2011
Delicate New food culture. See more books that I've authored for Gestalten. Return to writing portfolio Scope Copywriting Client Gestalten

Taxing Art

May 12, 2011
Taxing Art: When Objects Travel I worked closely with artist and author Eyal Burnstein to copyedit his book about the sometimes maddening boundaries between the definitions of art and design. See more books that I've authored for Gestalten. Scope Copyediting Client Gestalten

Behind the Zines

March 12, 2011
Behind the Zines: Self Publishing Culture A survey of international zines and their influence on new media and design. Scope Writing Client Gestalten

Gestalten – Papercraft 2

March 12, 2011

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Cutting Edges

February 12, 2011
Cutting Edges Contemporary Collage See more books that I've authored for Gestalten. Scope Writing Client Gestalten

Berlin Flora

January 10, 2011Creative Time, Travel, Travel Topics
Berlin Flora Basically, anything green that grows in Berlin is playing an every-man-for-himself game. Are you a delicate and many-leaved weed with tiny white flowers, a hearty disposition, and a fondness for very parched soil? That dirt around that tree where dogs and people like to whiz would be an awesome home for you. Are [...]