I guess it’s not really fair to say that this week’s work in the studio was a beginning. Maybe more like a return. A few months ago I did begin working on new work for a show that will happen next April. But up until this week, that was digital work. And that certainly felt like a beginning.

This week I reassembled the analog painting set-up and began pushing paint around on the canvas. That felt good…and strange because I haven’t done it for so long and because I am coming at the whole process from a new perspective. Now what appears to be happening is simultaneous digital and analog work. I don’t know how long that is going to last or if one is going to eat the other. It just feels like what I need to do right now.

There is a strange sense of space I feel when I stand in front of a canvas. Part of that space is purely physical: the canvas. Part of it is cognitive: the places I hold within myself. And then there are the spaces that form on the canvas. Mastering these elements is intimidating and complicated and I don’t feel like I’ve got them under control right now—but that’s how it goes. The most important thing is not to think too far ahead or be too self-concious and to just keep going.