We’ve been trying to make a habit of spending more time on the water, especially on the few days when it actually feels like summer in Berlin. When we walked over the high footbridge from Treptower Park onto Insel der Jugend, it was a warm Sunday and there were people everywhere, including on the water.

This is one of those Berlin spots that has the best of everything—it is an island in the middle of a busy park, so it’s easy to access by S-bahn or bike, but it is also surprisingly quiet and very green.

The island is small and has two parts—a park and a Biergarten. There are many spots in the park along the water’s edge and a field in the middle. Or you can go the Biergarten route at Insel Berlin, which has the grill going and beach chairs and tables right on the water. And they’ve got a fleet of boats to rent. That’s next.

Insel der Jugend, Treptower Park

Photos by Anthony
Lettering by Rebecca 


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