After 20 days in Berlin, I’m still feeling a little discombobulated. What began as the worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced slowly morphed into one of the worst colds I’ve ever experienced. Add to that a rainy week and I dealt with the situation by going on a Fleetwood Mac bender.

Like, other than hearing (and liking) their songs on the radio, I never knew much about them. Well. This week after binging on backstage footage from the Rumors tour, 1970s interviews with Stevie Nicks in her old-school LA home (not to mention her amazing appearance on Oprah’s Master Class, which you’ve just gotta watch) as well as anything else that YouTube served up, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation.

And then there are the dogs, which feature prominently in this entry. Of course they are allowed on the subway as well as many restaurants but my favorite of all time that will never ever get old is when they wait for their person sans leash just outside of the grocery store.