Berlin walking tours
We are big fans of checking things out on foot—especially in Berlin, where the most interesting finds are often easily-overlooked remnants of the city’s wartime/divided past.

So we were happy to join Context Travel on their Divided City walking tour, which uses the city’s architecture as a thread through history. Our path illustrated how quickly the city changes from block to block, from East to West—quiet side streets lined with late 19th and early 20th century Altbaus are tucked just around the corner from massive Stalinist apartment blocks on the Karl-Marx-Allee. Further west, at the edge of the Tiergarten in the Hansaviertel, a mixture of mid-century works by Gropius and Le Corbusier stand for a new era.

Context Travel’s tours are small (six people max) and lead by academics with deep knowledge of their subject. Our docent, a historian from East Berlin, was a delight to listen to as he pointed out little details we’d walked by a hundred times.

Anthony used the LensBaby Composer Pro lens from their Pro Effects kit for all of the shots on our walk.

Photos by Anthony

Berlin walking tours cafe moskau

Berlin walking tours

Berlin walking tours hansaviertel tiergarten

Berlin walking tours