Vintage Vinyl Floorcloths

January 29, 2021Art + Design

I love these vinyl floorcloths! It was always a favorite passtime of mine in Berlin to keep an eye out for open apartment building doors. The main reason was to get a peek at the tile flooring, which often looked exactly like these! They come in a variety of sizes and can be used indoor … Read More

North Shore Drawing Club

August 18, 2018Creative Time

In July, I met two friends for a weekend on Lake Superior’s north shore. Highlights included: Taking a picnic lunch out on the lake’s massive, smooth rocks for an afternoon of drawing next to the water. Lots of smoked fish. A key to the woodshed, which resulted in endless fires in the field stone fireplace. … Read More

Noteworthy Dive Bars

February 24, 2018Creative Time

In addition to leading unusual walking tours all over the Twin Cities, urban geographer and historian Bill Lindeke writes an ongoing series of guidebooks about dive bars in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. They serve as histories of neighborhood meeting places and reflections of the communities they serve. Purchase a copy here

San Francisco Video Diary

January 19, 2018Places

A weekend in San Francisco: Oysters at the Hog Island Oyster Co, lindy dancing in the park, rainy days in the cottage!

San Francisco

January 16, 2018
San Francisco A weekend in San Francisco.

2017 Roundup

December 22, 2017After Hours

Solar eclipse, winter car camping, Berlin, paddle boarding—here are the highlights from 2017!