B + Beach = Chilly Weather + Crazies

June 20, 2008Uncategorized

Today I decided to take advantage of my close proximity to the beach. I thought that it sounded nice to bring my book, a towel and some food and spend the day reading, napping and enjoying the breeze. But by the time I got there, the weather looked as it does in the photo above. … Read More

Dinner at the Schiffergesellschaft

June 18, 2008Uncategorized

I’ve been living on bread and cheese with the occasional cucumber for two weeks now. Not out of hardship but because I heart bread and German bread is the best. I don’t even eat bread in the States because it hurts me too much to know what I am missing. But today I maxed out. … Read More

Soccer and Beach Bars

June 17, 2008Uncategorized

Met some friends for soccer viewing at the White Trash Beach Bar this evening. The game was projected underneath one of the brick arches that supports the S-Bahn track. Rows of benches were set up theater style and we spent 90 minutes of soccer watching accompanied by the distant rumble and shake from the track above. … Read More

Hank Meadows’ Popovers

June 15, 2008Places 2 Comments

I have no idea who Hank Meadows is. I just have a vague mental image that sets him in the 1950’s as a roundish, middle-aged guy who secretly liked to cook. His popover recipe came from my grandma’s recipe box. She had about five popover recipes in that box. I have tried each of them … Read More

Office supply stores in Berlin

June 12, 2008Workbook

I just spent the entire morning researching where I could get some essentials to set up a work space here. And I have achieved…nothing. A search of area office supply stores led to such sites such as abe-minuth.de. I invite you to go there and pretend that you are me, excited to see the link … Read More

The Umlaut De-mystified

June 11, 2008Uncategorized

I had tried half-heartedly for a long time to figure out how to type umlauts on my American MacOS laptop keyboard (ü, ä, ö). You would think that it would be easy—and I did find a lot of ‘answers’ upon searching, but unfortunately none of them worked. So I told myself that I would figure … Read More

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

June 9, 2008Uncategorized

A crime novel that is set in an imagined real place, The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon, takes the real town of Sitka, Alaska (whose actual population is only a few thousand) and reinvents it as a city of four million Jews. Based on an actual proposal in the 1940’s to open up Alaskan … Read More


June 5, 2008Uncategorized

I am in the Reykjavik airport after the most surreal arrival. I have never been so exhausted during a flight—I was almost in tears because I wanted to get horizontal so badly. We flew for six hours over icy water and then suddenly we were descending. And there, after all of those hours and hours … Read More

Old Wallpaper

May 27, 2008Uncategorized

Look at what I found in the basement: old wallpaper! The designs seem to be hand-printed. I often wonder what the house looked like both inside and out—the yard and garden, the furniture, etc. This gives a little hint. Hmmmm.


May 26, 2008Uncategorized

I got my rhubarb plant from my grandparent’s house. They bought their place in the late 1940s. It was a little cabin on a lake with a wood stove that got them through the cold winters. Over the years they converted it into a cozy little place with central heating. We went there all the … Read More

Loring Cafe, circa 1998

May 14, 2008Berlin

It’s been a rough day of packing here and I came across this polaroid amidst my stuff. I loved this place. I tried to find some documentation of it online, but it wasn’t readily available and I don’t want to loose my packing momentum spending much more time on it. But it makes sense because … Read More

Somewhere, a new kitchen

May 13, 2008Uncategorized

As of this morning, this bowl and its nesting partners as well as a number of my favorite dishes are sitting in a kitchen in Berlin that I have never been in.

Travelers Jingle

May 12, 2008Uncategorized

I don’t know why but I have always loved this little jingle. For years it has played at six minutes past the hour during All Things Considered on MPR. The company used to be called ‘St. Paul Travelers’ until a year or so ago, so I guess that it always had a kind of regional … Read More

Fires in the Backyard

May 12, 2008Uncategorized

One of Minneapolis’ charms is that it often feels somewhere between a city and a small town. At my house I have an up-close view of the skyline as well as a large backyard, where I can have raging bonfires until the wee hours of the morning.

Minnesota Landscape

May 5, 2008Uncategorized

I took these photos yesterday at William O’Brien State Park, which is close to the town of Stillwater and the St. Croix River. There they are undertaking an experimental restoration of the prairie and oak savanna that is common to much of Minnesota. I had a residency a mile down the road from this park … Read More