The Crows

February 29, 2008Uncategorized

Yesterday I spent the whole day in the house. It started out as a gray day. By 1pm there were little snow flakes flitting down to the ground. When I tried looking out the kitchen skylight I couldn’t because there was a dusting of snow covering it. And it kept snowing on and off for … Read More

Charles Ritchie Lecture

February 26, 2008Uncategorized

Today I went to see Charles Ritchie give a talk about his work at MCAD. His imagery is taken from the very things in the world which bring me a lot of joy. I was able to see an original of the image below. The color and subtlety are gorgeous. See more at

Lunar eclipse

February 20, 2008Places

I watched the lunar eclipse from my kitchen’s skylight window this evening. As I often do in this apartment, I remarked at how lucky I am. To have such a vantage point on such a rare occasion is special. Tonight the eclipse was only visible in the Americas and, in addition to this, tonight was particularly clear. … Read More