Vintage beach camper

We’ve been in California the past week shooting a job. But we also decided to use the time as an opportunity to have a little vacation. Recent attempts to mix pleasure with the work haven’t been huge successes, but this time things came together and we had so much fun.

Driving a vintage Volkswagen van

Highlight: we reunited with the van!

Children playing at the beach

Everything—the landscape, the work, the place, the van—it was a combination that felt so good and right. I haven’t had that feeling for a long and it put some things in perspective for us in terms of moving forward.

Working in a Volkswagen van

I started a small Moleskine watercolor book for the trip and tried to make time to draw every day. But sort of like blogging on the road (which I didn’t manage to do at all), I find it hard to sketch while traveling. I want to change both of these things in the future because they are such nice ways to document and reflect on the moment. Part of it is taking the time, which is hard on a trip that was so much about work. With blogging, it is definitely a time issue as well as workflow issues, internet access in remote locations, and trying to blog on the iPad—does anybody out there have good practices for all of that? Because I still haven’t come up with a system that works for me.

Prepare for a California debriefing.

Working in a Volkswagen van

Photos by Rebecca Silus and Anthony Georgis for the Field Office.