I wrote today’s post in my head while I was participating in the six hour walk that the German half proposed we make today for fun times.

We are now home of our own accord even though I called for outside help three times:

-Once in the forest when the one and only car passed us. It sped away, oblivious to my cries, down the cobblestone path made of Scandinavian stones brought to Germany in the last ice age (this read to me by the German half from the sign in the forest next to the ‘Steinpyramide’ aka ‘stone pyramid’).

-The second time when we finally got out of the forest and saw on the sign that we still had 1,4 km till the train station. I thought that this car heard my pleas because it immediately put on its breaks but then ended up turning left.

-And a third time upon our arrival in Berlin when we had to get to the S-Bahn platform and my feet couldn’t make it anymore. I was calling for general help but because he is always there for me he narrowed down my needs and asked if I wanted the ‘Krankenwagen’ (the ‘sick car’ aka the ‘ambulance’).

That said, I haven’t gotten to transcribe what I wrote in my head. Too busy putting my feet up, drinking a glass of wine and cackling at the movies I made.

So for now I leave you with one of the photos I took. For all of the things that I miss here in Deutschland the one thing that without fail ALWAYS turns my frown upside down are the window displays. This window display, for example, taken in the town of Eberswalde. This is a private home. Not a business. They have no reason to do this other than that they have something that they want to say. A little bit of joy that they would like to bring to the world, if you will. Imagine taking the time—in your dining room let’s say—to set up a miniature scene of a butcher with a pig for the benefit of other people. What would it look like? Where would you get a doll sized butcher and a little pig?