Metro catches a fly
First, I am dying about this action shot of Metro trying to catch a fly. This was a two-night stay at the municipal campground in Grand Marais, a far cry from the more secluded sites at the state park, but it makes up for that by being located right on Lake Superior and in town, so you can walk everywhere.

Grand Marais harbor
The campground has two beaches. One is on the harbor, where the water was actually warm enough to swim in. On this evening, we took a little happy hour picnic down to the beach and let Metro have a swim.

Lake Superior Grand Marais
The other beach is directly on the open water.

Lake Superior Grand Marais Lake Superior Grand Marais
A little film-changing mishap on the beach left us with a light leak.

Smoked fish from Dockside Fish Market
Playing Scrabble by firelight
There was smoked fish for dinner one night from the Dockside Fish Market just up the road and a game of Scrabble that looks like it went late into the night, but really we were so tired that we didn’t last long after dark.

Fish and chips at the Dockside Fish Market
Tussin shots
I managed to catch the worst cold I’ve had in years the day before we left for this trip and promptly passed it onto Anthony shortly after we got on the road. So here we are doing Tussin shots while eating the amazing mackerel fish and chips at the Dockside.