Beachbag with flip flops and cherries
Summer is gone and I have loads of photos that never got posted. These are the last of our trip to the North Coast, where we spent one night at a place called Lamb’s that I’ve driven past year after year since I was a kid. Turns out it’s a huge piece of property with gorgeous lakeshore that’s been in the same family since the 1920s—a rarity nowadays.

It was a warm and gorgeous day when we arrived. We parked the Scamp and headed down the campground road to the pebble beach. Our beach picnic for the day included Door County cherries from the Grand Marais co-op.

Dog looking across the water
Swimming in Lake Superior isn’t usually an option—it’s tempting to jump into the clear blue water but the average water temperature is 40 F/4 C, so…not fun swimming conditions. This year, though, even the open water was warm. It’s rare to see one person go in, much less a whole beach full of people. Anthony walked down the rocky shoreline and swam out to that rock he’s standing on. Metro was not pleased that he wasn’t allowed to follow along and supervise and so he was kind of out of his mind here.

Beach buddies
Beach buddies
Then they were reunited and all was well in the world again.

Building a campfire
Having a campfire at a campgroundCamper trailer at dusk

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire
Stoking a campfire
Inside a scamp