A Map of the World

September 12, 2013Creative Time
A Map of the World According to Illustrators and Storytellers See more books I've authored for Gestalten. Scope Writing Client Gestalten

Twelve Blog: High

May 8, 2013Creative Time

Mankato, Minnesota This photo is part of an ongoing series at twelveblog.tumblr.com. You can find a collection of my photos for the project here. 


April 24, 2013Creative Time

Two—two—snowstorms have blown through here since that last post. It’s April 24th. Yesterday a friend called it February 72nd. Because of the snow, we’ve had an interesting time this last week with installing the work and everything else—but more on that later. Right now I have to get ready for the talk and the opening, … Read More

Parallel worlds and creative foundations

April 14, 2013Creative Time

I became aware that there was an old world existing parallel to the present when I was about eight. We’d just moved into a brand new house built on land that not ten years earlier had belonged to a larger estate. The massive old house still stood—out of view—on the other side of the thick … Read More

A Map of the World

April 8, 2013Creative Time

Drawing + places are kind of my thing so I was super excited to work on A Map of the World, Gestalten’s new book about contemporary illustration that explores the subject of place. As a writer for the project, I got to find out a little bit more about old favorites like Oliver Jeffers and … Read More

Hello from Minneapolis!

April 4, 2013Creative Time

I arrived yesterday afternoon and am so happy to be here amongst family, friends, and animals. Anthony landed in New York last night and will join me here on Saturday. Our April 3 travel date became a kind of bookend for this past year—it was April 2012 that we returned from the US after five … Read More

Last days in the studio…for now

March 18, 2013Creative Time

I’m reaching the last stretch of painting days before these canvases need to get shipped out. !!?? If I may share a tiny blogging regret with you, it would be that I didn’t document this work and the process of making it on the blog—in fact, I almost stopped writing here altogether. But it’s not … Read More