June 12, 2011Creative Time

I’ve made the executive decision not to do the Field Report today. For those of you who don’t know the drill: every week, filming wraps up on Saturday night and I edit everything together on Sunday before starting all over again. Seeing as I stayed out all night last night and walked home after the … Read More

Ulrike Heydenreich

May 2, 2011Creative Time

About a month ago, I translated the text for a leporello about the work of Ulrike Heydenreich, a German artist whose work I love love love (read my translation here). This morning, a package arrived with the final product; a beautifully designed and printed piece. See more of Ulrike Heydenreich’s work at

Berlin Flora

January 10, 2011Creative Time, Travel, Travel Topics
Berlin Flora Basically, anything green that grows in Berlin is playing an every-man-for-himself game. Are you a delicate and many-leaved weed with tiny white flowers, a hearty disposition, and a fondness for very parched soil? That dirt around that tree where dogs and people like to whiz would be an awesome home for you. Are [...]

Studio in Santa Fe

March 4, 2010Creative Time

Santa Fe, New Mexico I arrived in Santa Fe yesterday evening. My room and studio are both spacious and bright. This morning I have had the studios to myself so I began by arranging my space. Now that I’ve got my desk where I want it, I am taking a moment to post this and … Read More

Work in Progress

February 9, 2010Creative Time

A detail of what I’m working on today. I have two paintings to finish before I leave next week and it is starting to feel a little close.

New Cards

November 2, 2009Creative Time

I’m so happy with my new cards. Printed by the fabulous Letterpress 77 in Düsseldorf!

Painting in Sunny Locations is Good

August 28, 2009Creative Time, Uncategorized

Yesterday I wrote about summer coming to an end. This always brings on a shared sense of dread for those of us who live in northern parts of the world. Not particularly because of the cold but because of the light. Or the lack thereof. I am excited to say that for several months this … Read More

Balkon & Garten

June 5, 2009Creative Time

Balkon & Garten is a beautifully designed, limited edition publication based in Berlin. It features the work of authors, designers and artists. The current edition, Frühreif (#33), is hand-sewn and includes one of my paintings! If you can’t get your hands on a copy, you can browse through one on their web site.

Tiny Showcase

May 20, 2009Creative Time

The last few days have been crazy crazy getting things done here there and everywhere to go away for a little time away. It is going to involve the North Sea, wind, sand and bicycles and I am so excited. I leave you with news that I have a print of my work available at … Read More

New American Paintings

April 26, 2009Creative Time

I spent the last couple of weeks getting work ready to send to off. Everything is now in their hands; the edition with my work in it comes out in August.


April 21, 2009Creative Time

Am wishing that I was outside this fine morning. Yesterday I didn’t leave the house once. But it was for a good reason; I have something due on Friday and will tell you more about it then. In the meantime these flowers are functioning as my Outside. I am sticking my face in them every … Read More