Trying So Hard to Be Good

April 9, 2009Berlin, Creative Time

As I write this it is almost 70 degrees and sunny outside. There is a little breeze coming through the window and I can hear children playing in the school yard next door. It is another day in a string of days that have followed one after the other these last two weeks. I can’t … Read More

Snow, sun, clouds and canvas making

February 18, 2009Berlin, Creative Time

This is what it looked like in and around Berlin on Sunday. The snow continued until Tuesday, when we got what has to be our first day of real, all day sun in months and months. Everyone was giddy. I made it outside and found that I could walk along a shoveled, ice-free path for … Read More

Office supply stores in Berlin

June 12, 2008Creative Time

I just spent the entire morning researching where I could get some essentials to set up a work space here. And I have achieved…nothing. A search of area office supply stores led to such sites such as I invite you to go there and pretend that you are me, excited to see the link … Read More