Berlin Walking Tours: Context Travel

May 22, 2013Berlin

We are big fans of checking things out on foot—especially in Berlin, where the most interesting finds are often easily-overlooked remnants of the city’s wartime/divided past. So we were happy to join Context Travel on their Divided City walking tour, which uses the city’s architecture as a thread through history. Our path illustrated how quickly … Read More

Springtime in Berlin

March 30, 2013Berlin

This is it. This is what it’s like here right now: a never-ending loop of winter. If you take last “summer” into consideration, this is like month 18 of winter for Berlin. And I have had it. At this time of the year, it is perfectly reasonable to expect the days to get progressively warmer … Read More

Berlin Flora

October 17, 2012Berlin

One year ago (?!) we filmed this little number, an investigation of Berlin’s wildly overgrown green spaces.

Timeless Beauty at C/O Berlin

September 18, 2012Berlin

It’s a good pr event when the museum curator leads dozens of curious bloggers into the institution’s cavernous attic and warns everyone to be careful because the floor seems to be unstable—and then leaves it at that. After a few nervous laughs and timid steps, the warning got tossed aside and we headed into the … Read More

Pieces of Berlin: Opening at Lomography Gallery Store

September 13, 2012Art and Design, Berlin

Long before there was Instagram, photographer Florian Reischauer was roaming the streets, empty lots, abandoned buildings, and apartment blocks of Berlin with his medium format film camera and posting his findings on his blog, Pieces of Berlin. As a collection, the blog truly represents Berlin more than any other I know. His portraits are an … Read More


August 25, 2012After Hours, Berlin

I think summer only really gets good when you do the same things over and over again, like grilling in the backyard, spending warm nights on the roof, listening to the crickets in bed and…going to the lake. It is satisfying to recall a season gone by with good memories that are so numerous, they … Read More

Mighty Oaks

August 8, 2012Berlin, Workbook

We had so much fun shooting with the Mighty Oaks the other day. Also the sun came out on cue, I brushed up on my boat maneuvering skills, and nobody went in the drink.

Berlin Guide: Spreepark Tour

August 5, 2012Berlin

SPREEPARK: A TOUR OF BERLIN’S ABANDONDED AMUSEMENT PARK Spreepark has much in common with the city of Berlin itself—a complicated history that allows past and present to co-exist in visually striking ways and a growing popularity that will probably be its undoing Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in the heart of Berlin, is the city’s … Read More

Berlin Guide: Wood fired pizza in the Mauerpark

July 23, 2012After Hours, Berlin

If there are any secrets left at the Mauerpark, they would be the Dinnele food stand and the Schönwetter beer garden, both hidden inside the park’s flea market. Dinnele are a south German specialty—similar to wood fired pizza—but made with whole grain dough and topped with a creamy layer of Schmand and your choice of … Read More

Berlin Guide: Insel der Jugend

July 11, 2012After Hours, Berlin

We’ve been trying to make a habit of spending more time on the water, especially on the few days when it actually feels like summer in Berlin. When we walked over the high footbridge from Treptower Park onto Insel der Jugend, it was a warm Sunday and there were people everywhere, including on the water. … Read More