Berlin Guide: Treptower Park

June 26, 2012After Hours, Berlin

by Anthony Treptower Park is a bit out of the way from Field Office HQ, but our good friend and self professed русские-o-phile Micheal was in town recently so we decided to visit to the Soviet memorial there. It seemed like a suitable adventure, and we are always up for an adventure! Now for a … Read More

Volkspark Schönholzer Heide

June 26, 2012After Hours, Berlin

We had a friend in town over the weekend who has a special affinity for Soviet war memorials. The resulting theme for the weekend’s outings? Soviet war memorials. I attended Sundays’s excursion to the Volkspark Schönholzer Heide, where we found the park’s war memorial locked up tight due to renovations. That was okay, though, because … Read More


June 23, 2012After Hours, Berlin

Photos by Rebecca for the Field Office Word on the street is that real estate developers have their eyes on Kreuzberg’s Prinzessinengarten, a community garden on Moritzplatz. Sadly this is no surprise. So many empty, overlooked spaces in Berlin have been turned into unique and useful spaces by industrious folks—only to be bulldozed for some … Read More

Hotel Concorde

June 22, 2012Berlin

Last week we were invited by the Hotel Concorde to the launch party of its new blog, French & Fresh. It’s not often that we venture to the western part of the city, so it was a great opportunity to head to Ku’damm, indulge in some of the five-star hotel’s amazing food, drink, and hospitality, and meet some … Read More

Berlin Guide: Tiergarten Picnic

June 20, 2012After Hours, Berlin

  Photos by Anthony Berlin’s parks are truly used as backyards, especially by its residents who have no balconies—us included. On nice evenings or weekend afternoons we go to the little park by our flat, but sometimes I crave bigger, lusher spaces. The Tiergarten, Berlin’s largest park (250 acres), has streams, ponds, and meadows—as well … Read More

Empty Nest

May 31, 2012Berlin

Yesterday and today were big days in the pigeon department. Our little lady, pictured here, has just not been interested in leaving the nest. Like, this girl is really content to have the food delivered to her and hang out all day at mom and dad’s. Her big brother made a surprise appearance á la … Read More

Prater Garten

May 24, 2012Berlin

Last year’s lackluster summer weather kept me away from the Prater, Berlin’s oldest Biergarten tucked off the busy Kastanienallee. This summer I seem to be making up for lost time, having frequented it three times now, first with Ashley, Andreas, and Hazel and most recently with the gang in town for the Hive Conference—Anne, Alex, Brittany, … Read More

Field Correspondence: Baby Birds in Amsterdam

May 11, 2012Berlin

I was super thrilled this morning when my Instagram and blogging friend, Bas, sent me this report from Amersterdam: a baby bird hatched and doing its thing in the canal next to his house. Lovely photos and that nest is sadly beautiful. Thank you so much for this, Bas!

Pigeon Friends

May 10, 2012After Hours, Berlin

Hi all. Thanks for your enthusiastic pigeon comments these last days. They are growing super fast. Their little feathers are coming in and in a couple of weeks they will be gone, the parents, too—I guess that they don’t keep the same nest. That makes me a little sad, so we’ll enjoy them while they … Read More

Field Report: Baby bird food coma

May 8, 2012Berlin, The Field Report

Does it make me some kinda nutjob if I post about pigeons multiple times in a row? Because I’ll be honest, I check on them like 50 times a day. I don’t mean to go all National Geographic on you or do some kind of bait-and-switch from photo blog to some weirdo baby/pigeon blog thing. … Read More

Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz

April 19, 2012Berlin

I felt kind of stupid when I asked the guy at the market on Saturday what he was stirring in the massive open skillet. His reply: sauerkraut. He was very nice about my ignorance but how can it be that I’ve been here almost four years and I don’t recognize sauerkraut when I see it? … Read More

Home Again

April 17, 20122011/12 Tour, Berlin, Travel

A couple of you have written to ask…what happened to us. Where are we? What’s going on? We are in Berlin, folks—thank you for your hellos and for checking in on us! We’ve been back a little over a week. That trip was fun, but it was exhausting. Moving around all the time and trying … Read More