Panoramic Wallpaper

August 3, 2008Berlin

I have been walking past this storefront for a month now. And from a distance I have enjoyed the strips of panoramic landscapes on either side of the door. I was always uncertain, however, as to what was going on in there in terms of commerce—I had never seen anything like it. It is the … Read More

Scratch ‘n Cut Hairdresser

July 22, 2008Berlin

Here in Berlin the weather continues to be chilly. Yesterday it barely broke 60 degrees. But it is comfortable and I can’t say that I miss the hot, sticky summer.  I snapped this sign on the walk back from a friend’s house the other night. Frisör means ‘hairdresser’. I thought that this name was right up … Read More

I Carried a Watermelon—or—IKEA in Berlin

July 15, 2008Berlin

This is the only picture I have from our weekend trip to IKEA. A guy carrying a mattress. To the S-Bahn. My previous experience with IKEA had always been the Minneapolis IKEA, which is across the street from the Mall of America. It is a trip that would not be fun without a car—a trip … Read More

Loring Cafe, circa 1998

May 14, 2008Berlin

It’s been a rough day of packing here and I came across this polaroid amidst my stuff. I loved this place. I tried to find some documentation of it online, but it wasn’t readily available and I don’t want to loose my packing momentum spending much more time on it. But it makes sense because … Read More