Field Correspondence: Baby Birds in Amsterdam

May 11, 2012Berlin

I was super thrilled this morning when my Instagram and blogging friend, Bas, sent me this report from Amersterdam: a baby bird hatched and doing its thing in the canal next to his house. Lovely photos and that nest is sadly beautiful. Thank you so much for this, Bas!

Pigeon Friends

May 10, 2012After Hours, Berlin

Hi all. Thanks for your enthusiastic pigeon comments these last days. They are growing super fast. Their little feathers are coming in and in a couple of weeks they will be gone, the parents, too—I guess that they don’t keep the same nest. That makes me a little sad, so we’ll enjoy them while they … Read More

Field Report: Baby bird food coma

May 8, 2012Berlin, The Field Report

Does it make me some kinda nutjob if I post about pigeons multiple times in a row? Because I’ll be honest, I check on them like 50 times a day. I don’t mean to go all National Geographic on you or do some kind of bait-and-switch from photo blog to some weirdo baby/pigeon blog thing. … Read More

Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz

April 19, 2012Berlin

I felt kind of stupid when I asked the guy at the market on Saturday what he was stirring in the massive open skillet. His reply: sauerkraut. He was very nice about my ignorance but how can it be that I’ve been here almost four years and I don’t recognize sauerkraut when I see it? … Read More

Home Again

April 17, 20122011/12 Tour, Berlin, Travel

A couple of you have written to ask…what happened to us. Where are we? What’s going on? We are in Berlin, folks—thank you for your hellos and for checking in on us! We’ve been back a little over a week. That trip was fun, but it was exhausting. Moving around all the time and trying … Read More


January 1, 20122011/12 Tour, minnesota

Hello, Anthony here. Happy New Year! found this compass in the basement of the Minneapolis Avenue house and it seemed like a fitting icon for the adventure we are on. The sense of direction even when things seem sometimes directionless.  I love knowing that the future can have firm roots in the past. I can’t … Read More


October 28, 2011Berlin, Workbook

by Rebecca Anthony scooted over to the table across the aisle and began building something with the blocks that were on the table top. When he was finished, the blocks spelled “Berlin.” But there was a structural problem with the “n” making it collapse and sending the rest of the letters down like dominoes. This … Read More

Field Report 033: Berlin Flora

October 24, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

by Rebecca and Anthony Basically, anything green that grows in Berlin is playing an every-man-for-himself game. Are you a delicate and many-leaved weed with tiny white flowers, a hearty disposition, and a fondness for very parched soil? That dirt around that tree where dogs and people like to whiz would be an awesome home for … Read More

Field Report 032: The Sonnenburger Brücke

October 18, 2011Berlin

by Anthony Georgis A bridge is a metaphor for a lot of things. It’s about traveling, reaching out, exploring, and connecting the past with the present. Even though it’s not much to look at, the Sonnenburger Brücke is pretty special in that way. It’s a simple little pedestrian bridge that crosses the train tracks between … Read More

The Farm

October 6, 2011Travel, USA

The other night, my aunt and uncle invited us for dinner and a fire out at the farm. We sat at the picnic table overlooking fields of corn, ate deviled eggs made with the neighbor’s eggs, chili, and homemade apple pie (which made my efforts from the other day very sad in comparison). At dusk, … Read More

Field Report 031: Favorites

October 4, 2011The Field Report, USA

We had a conversation about fields the other day because hey I’m still roaming these parts that I grew up in and in these parts fields are everywhere. The conversation got me thinking about a lot of things pertaining to fields and open spaces and what’s on the other side of open spaces and how … Read More