The North Shore on film.

October 2, 2011Travel, USA, Workbook

by Rebecca Anthony came into my world with an Oympus XA in his back pocket. It is a point-and-shoot film camera, with which he is adept at capturing magical moments in a sneaky fashion. It is also a camera that my dad had when I was growing up. He let me use (read: take over) … Read More

Field Report 029: Canoeing on the Liepnitzsee

September 19, 2011Berlin

Getting on a boat was one thing I had to tick off my 2011 list. I’m pretty sure that this particular day was it for summer—and even then we were pushing it. The lake, which just a couple of weeks before had been a cool escape from a hot and muggy August city, had turned … Read More

Field Report 027: Kjosk & Liepnitzsee

August 31, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

The week started at the riverside Kiki Blofeld, for which I have no video. I think this had something to do with the place feeling a little bit deflated; things are changing—the most glaring evidence being the view across the river, where the opposite beach bar had been razed. It sat silently in a sad … Read More

Field Report 026: The Mauerweg

August 22, 2011Berlin

The Mauerweg is a bike path follows the old route of the Berlin Wall. The portion we biked is near Potsdam and offers up a number of Prussian palaces along the way. Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) was definitely worth the 30 second ferry trip, though I wished I’d had some bug spray for the enormous mosquitoes. … Read More

Field Report 025: The Double Rainbow

August 15, 2011Berlin, The Field Report

Not too much going on at the office this week in terms of the Report. This is what I’ve got: -Homogenous campaign posters going up all over town featuring a large mug shots of the candidates -Julian at the Yes Bar giving me a lesson on how to properly balance and relax on his bar’s … Read More


July 21, 2011Berlin

Finally. After a long time of knowing about this place and planning to go there and something always going haywire, yesterday afternoon a visit went down. Granted, the weather was looking iffy and we had a Plan B lined up, but we went anyways. The sun even came out for a few. This place is … Read More


July 14, 2011Berlin

Schönermark and Zichow, Germany It is so easy to stay in the city and never leave. When I do leave, I am always amazed at how quickly the city falls away—it only takes about fifteen minutes on the train before everything looks different. These photos were taken less than an hour away from my apartment. … Read More