January 1, 20122011/12 Tour, minnesota

Hello, Anthony here. Happy New Year! found this compass in the basement of the Minneapolis Avenue house and it seemed like a fitting icon for the adventure we are on. The sense of direction even when things seem sometimes directionless.  I love knowing that the future can have firm roots in the past. I can’t … Read More

The Farm

October 6, 2011Travel, USA

The other night, my aunt and uncle invited us for dinner and a fire out at the farm. We sat at the picnic table overlooking fields of corn, ate deviled eggs made with the neighbor’s eggs, chili, and homemade apple pie (which made my efforts from the other day very sad in comparison). At dusk, … Read More

Field Report 031: Favorites

October 4, 2011The Field Report, USA

We had a conversation about fields the other day because hey I’m still roaming these parts that I grew up in and in these parts fields are everywhere. The conversation got me thinking about a lot of things pertaining to fields and open spaces and what’s on the other side of open spaces and how … Read More

The North Shore on film.

October 2, 2011Travel, USA, Workbook

by Rebecca Anthony came into my world with an Oympus XA in his back pocket. It is a point-and-shoot film camera, with which he is adept at capturing magical moments in a sneaky fashion. It is also a camera that my dad had when I was growing up. He let me use (read: take over) … Read More