There is snow in this picture.

May 6, 2011Minneapolis, minnesota, Travel

5th Avenue SE, Minneapolis We checked out a Nice Ride bike for me and rode around to openings all night. It was a warm and sunny day—which is why, when the massive snow pile outside of the Soap Factory was pointed out to me, I was incredulous. That’s it, there in the middle, covered in … Read More

Nicollet Island in the spring.

May 6, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota, USA

Nicollet Island. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can’t catch a break with the weather in any of my recent locations. Unfortunately, Minneapolis has been no exception; it is gray, cold and rainy here. Today I went to visit one of my favorite places, Nicollet Island, but I didn’t take any photos because of the steely light and … Read More

One of My Favorite Fields

February 24, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota

Long Lake, Minnesota My apologies for the supershaky video—I was walking in really deep snow with a very excited dog on a leash. Up until recently this land was fields and woods. Now the land is for sale and houses have already been built. The old house at the edge of the field (first photo) … Read More


February 24, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota

Long Lake, MN We were the only ones out, walking where I used to wander when I was a kid. The fields now have McMansions on them, but there is still a glimmer of what made such an impression on me.

Playing in the Snow

February 22, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota

Long Lake, MN The weather has been fantastic: bright, blue, sunny skies. We played in the snow yesterday morning. It is so deep and fluffy that his toy kept getting lost in it.

Visiting My Grandparents

February 21, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota

Mound, Minnesota My grandparents bought an old summer cottage in 1949 and renovated it in 1957. They still live there today. Only minor things have been changed since the fifties. Clockwise: Hallway, Bathroom, Kitchen

MSP Arrival

February 19, 2010Minneapolis, minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota I’m in Minneapolis. The sun is shining and the snow is deep and white. I pulled a way amateur move yesterday and came within minutes of missing my flight to Minneapolis (and this gorgeous evening sunset from above). Believe me, it had all of the elements of airport horrors: long layover, slow realization … Read More