Rio Grande

October 30, 2009Roadtrip, Travel

After days of driving we decided to stay a couple of nights in Taos so that we could wander around the landscape with our legs instead of our auto. Walking felt pretty good for about four hours…and then I was ready to relax…but someone else had something more along the lines of *this* for their … Read More

Autumn on the Farm

October 25, 2009Minneapolis, minnesota

We spent what was arguably the last nice day of Fall at my aunt and uncle’s place. We walked in the woods, had a fire outside and watched the sun go down.

Not Camping

September 27, 2009Roadtrip

We were going to camp tonight but ended up at a motel on the river.

Happy Place

June 23, 2009minnesota, Travel, USA

I feel so lucky to have had two such fantastic weekends away in a month. As an added bonus (because of my geographical positioning and timing) I was able to see lilacs and lupine in bloom in three different locations. I also loved it that the places I stayed, both on Lake Superior and Amrum, … Read More


June 21, 2009minnesota

I spent the morning with Metro on my own private rock beach, not a soul in sight.

The North Shore

June 19, 2009minnesota

Above is a painting of the cabin we are staying at on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is a log cabin, built in the 1920’s. There is a massive fireplace that two people could easily fit into and enough little details to keep a looker busy for days. My bed is in the … Read More