Yesterday and today were big days in the pigeon department. Our little lady, pictured here, has just not been interested in leaving the nest. Like, this girl is really content to have the food delivered to her and hang out all day at mom and dad’s. Her big brother made a surprise appearance á la a college kid home for the weekend to do laundry and eat some free food because as soon as he arrived, so did dad and he totally got a free meal despite the fact that he’s been on his own for days.

Anyways, the big deal was that this happened again—but this time the meal wasn’t served in the nest. It was happening at the other end of the balcony. So in the end it was hunger that motivated our gal to venture out. It was painful to watch her teeter along over the flower pots to get there…and then be abandoned once everybody else took off. Either she was too scared to make the perilous journey back to the nest—or maybe too lazy—because she ended up choosing to stay put and adopt the pot of basil as her new home.

So that little weirdo spent the night in the basil plant. She was still there this morning and then when I checked on her again, she was gone. That’s when I saw her on the roof behind them with one of the adults. She poked around a bit, tried to walk up the metal roof (still doesn’t realize that she’s, um, a bird) and finally flitted up to the balcony that is up there. Ugh. It’s kind of hard to know that she’s still around, so close, but I can’t see her. Will she come back?