Travel Day

May 31, 2013After Hours

I conducted an experiment yesterday and flew with AirBerlin from Berlin to Minneapolis via Chicago. The verdict? NEVER AGAIN. It was awful. But I did get to my destination and for that I am happy. These last weeks were mostly quiet—in the best possible way—including some lovely evenings with friends old and new. In a … Read More

Berlin for awhile

May 20, 2013After Hours

After our visit to Salt Lake City, Anthony went to San Francisco for work and then on to Portland—and I came back to Berlin. We will reconvene in Minneapolis next week and hit the ground running. So it’s been just me and Berlin, kind of like old times, which has given me time to reflect … Read More

Baby Keira

May 10, 2013After Hours

Meeting Baby Keira the other week in Salt Lake was pretty spectacular. My favorite moment with her was the day we left; she was fussing a bit and I got her to quiet down by holding her slightly on her side, facing me. She stared up at me sideways, looking into my eyes with a … Read More

April in Minnesota

April 17, 2013After Hours

Since we landed in Minnesota, the weather has been awful: honest-to-god-snowtorms, rain, cold, just the gamut of terrible weather. Yet somehow I am in good spirits—it makes such a difference to be surrounded by so many friendly faces, good conversations, and good food. Yesterday there was sun—I sat outside all day and actually got a … Read More

Chevron Baby Blanket for Keira

April 6, 2013After Hours

Yesterday was super exciting for our family: my little sister and her husband welcomed Baby Keira into the world. Yay! I managed to finish this little blanket and sent it off to her just before we left. Hopefully it gets there soon and I can wrap her up in it in a few weeks. Congratulations, … Read More

Baby Moccasin Booties

March 26, 2013After Hours

Since the news came that my sister is having a baby, I’ve finally been moved to taking my knitting skills to the next level. I learned the basics in college, but never really got the hang of reading patterns or doing much more than going in a straight line. It took a couple of tries … Read More

Hazel visits

March 21, 2013After Hours

We got to spend a few lovely days with Miss Hazel while Ashley and Andreas were in Spain. Check out the beautiful photos Ashley took of Granada and Malaga while they were gone!

Hammershøi Light

March 17, 2013After Hours

My touchstone for defining lack of sunshine was always the Pacific Northwest, but places like Portland and Seattle get more sun on average than Berlin. I know. The paintings of the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi do a lovely job at capturing the winter light in this region; always experienced indoors, it is quiet and diffused. … Read More

Winter walks

January 29, 2013After Hours

Temperatures during our visit to Minnesota hovered around 10° F (-12°C) but we still managed to get out for walks almost every day. That’s Anthony on a frozen, SNOW-FREE Lake Minnetonka. It’s unusual for the lake to be frozen with no snow on top. These rare conditions mean that instead of shoveling a skating rink … Read More


January 10, 2013After Hours

This last week back in Berlin has been rough due to the perpetual darkness, in which the days go by one after the other in a grim gradation somewhere along the lines of . Before we left in December, there was snow. I’m not a big fan of the snow here because it tends to … Read More