January 9, 2013After Hours

We are back in Berlin, trying to adjust our internal clocks in a city that is blanketed in constant darkness. Needless to say, it’s not going that well—today I was wide awake at 3am. Looking forward to checking in here on a more regular basis! I’ve got a backlog of things to share, so let’s … Read More

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2013After Hours

Happy New Year to all of you! We truly appreciate your support and want to say thank you for everything you’ve given us in 2012! We look forward to good things in 2013 and wish you all the best in the new year. R + A


December 5, 2012After Hours

We rearranged our schedules today to get out into the sun. So cold and windy out there, but I needed that light on my face. And I needed to take photos—I have really missed wandering, looking, and snapping these last few months. The Kleingartens have been abandoned for the winter, but we did find some … Read More

Expat Thanksgiving #2

November 27, 2012After Hours

I didn’t get ANY photos of Thanksgiving Dinner, Round II, because I was too busy taking pictures of Hazel. And holding Hazel. And dying over what Ashley calls Hazel’s evil eye, which she cast upon us all as she was forced to sit on the sofa while we feasted. For proper photos of the evening, … Read More


November 23, 2012After Hours

We spent our Thanksgiving at a German friend’s house. It wasn’t intended to be “Thanksgiving dinner” (she’d extended the invitation without realizing the date) but that didn’t matter; it was just nice to have a meal with two wonderful people. She served creamy celeriac soup and an onion tart—a spread she described as traditional winter … Read More


November 15, 2012After Hours

Spotting chestnuts at all of the markets and glowing window displays 1:20 in the afternoon. December must be coming!


November 5, 2012After Hours

I’ve been a super cranky internetter these last months and weeks, cooped up inside, working on what feels like an impossible task. And it’s dark and it’s cold and it’s only getting darker and colder. Instead of looking forward to a winter of sunshine and exploring new places—like last year—we are hunkering down, resigning ourselves … Read More


September 19, 2012After Hours

Glorious autumn weather here in Berlin. We took a walk on Sunday, hitting both the Mauerpark and Arkonaplatz flea markets. Afterwards we sat in the sun across from Zionskirch and had the most delicious rhubarb schorle (that’s rhubarb juice with sparkling water) and took the long way home through Wedding, past our favorite abandoned school.

Expat Kitchen: Potato Sage Pizza

September 11, 2012After Hours

Remember the pizza-esque dinnele we found at the Mauerpark? It was my inspiration for Saturday’s dinner, a pizza topped with garlic and sage Bratkartoffeln (pan-browned potatoes with onions) and a thick layer of Schmand as the “sauce.” For those outside of the Eastern Eurorealm, Schmand is something like sour cream—but it’s not sour. Best is … Read More

Tile entryways

August 29, 2012After Hours

When a door is propped open or a tenant slips through the entrance of a Berlin apartment building, I can’t help but take a peek. These entryways are almost always decorated with tiny tiles that are not only arranged in charming and colorful patters, but show the wear and tear of one-hundred-plus years. Sadly, the … Read More


August 25, 2012After Hours, Berlin

I think summer only really gets good when you do the same things over and over again, like grilling in the backyard, spending warm nights on the roof, listening to the crickets in bed and…going to the lake. It is satisfying to recall a season gone by with good memories that are so numerous, they … Read More