Berlin Guide: Wood fired pizza in the Mauerpark

July 23, 2012After Hours, Berlin

If there are any secrets left at the Mauerpark, they would be the Dinnele food stand and the Schönwetter beer garden, both hidden inside the park’s flea market. Dinnele are a south German specialty—similar to wood fired pizza—but made with whole grain dough and topped with a creamy layer of Schmand and your choice of … Read More

A visit from Hazel

July 16, 2012After Hours

We had the pleasure of watching Miss Hazel while her parents were away the other week. She was a delightful houseguest and such a good little walker on our excursion to Insel der Jugend. She’s still a baby, so there was a lot of snoozing time, too. Everything is better with a creature around! + … Read More

Berlin Guide: Insel der Jugend

July 11, 2012After Hours, Berlin

We’ve been trying to make a habit of spending more time on the water, especially on the few days when it actually feels like summer in Berlin. When we walked over the high footbridge from Treptower Park onto Insel der Jugend, it was a warm Sunday and there were people everywhere, including on the water. … Read More

Euro 2012

July 2, 2012After Hours

We had high hopes for Thursday’s game against Italy, but it didn’t work out. Ah well. More important is the ritual of watching the football/soccer matches in Germany: outdoors with many strangers on summer nights when daylight stretches to 10pm. Beer gardens, restaurants, bars—even convenience stores—all put tables and chairs on the sidewalks and hook … Read More

Berlin Guide: Treptower Park

June 26, 2012After Hours, Berlin

by Anthony Treptower Park is a bit out of the way from Field Office HQ, but our good friend and self professed русские-o-phile Micheal was in town recently so we decided to visit to the Soviet memorial there. It seemed like a suitable adventure, and we are always up for an adventure! Now for a … Read More

Volkspark Schönholzer Heide

June 26, 2012After Hours, Berlin

We had a friend in town over the weekend who has a special affinity for Soviet war memorials. The resulting theme for the weekend’s outings? Soviet war memorials. I attended Sundays’s excursion to the Volkspark Schönholzer Heide, where we found the park’s war memorial locked up tight due to renovations. That was okay, though, because … Read More


June 24, 2012After Hours

We live in the far northwestern edge of Prenzlauer Berg, a neighborhood now known for its expensive real estate, babies everywhere, and those who want to live a sanitized version of Berlin life. There is a lot of truth to that stereotype—here and in other neighborhoods, too. But there are pockets like our corner, where … Read More


June 23, 2012After Hours, Berlin

Photos by Rebecca for the Field Office Word on the street is that real estate developers have their eyes on Kreuzberg’s Prinzessinengarten, a community garden on Moritzplatz. Sadly this is no surprise. So many empty, overlooked spaces in Berlin have been turned into unique and useful spaces by industrious folks—only to be bulldozed for some … Read More

Berlin Guide: Tiergarten Picnic

June 20, 2012After Hours, Berlin

  Photos by Anthony Berlin’s parks are truly used as backyards, especially by its residents who have no balconies—us included. On nice evenings or weekend afternoons we go to the little park by our flat, but sometimes I crave bigger, lusher spaces. The Tiergarten, Berlin’s largest park (250 acres), has streams, ponds, and meadows—as well … Read More


June 12, 2012After Hours

The birds are back! But we are seriously regretting not following through with our plan of putting little hats on them so that we can easily identify who’s who—it’s hard to tell now. This is what I think: the littlest one came back early one morning followed by mom or dad. Had a quick feed … Read More

Expat Kitchen: Homemade Hamburger Buns

June 6, 2012After Hours

A recent article in the New York Times about American food trucks in Paris (watch the video, too) was a timely read for me—just a few days ago, I broke down and made hamburger buns for the first time. This project was just another in a series of kitchen adventures prompted by what is not available … Read More

Pigeon Farewell

June 4, 2012After Hours

There is one last chapter to write in the pigeon book. I saw the littlest Peeper peeking out from the upper balcony the other day. Seems the folks know she’s there, too. But this photo is the last I saw of her and that was a few days ago. Is she still there? Did she … Read More