March 31, 2011After Hours

Paul-Robeson-Straße, Berlin Spring. It’s here. And there are daffodils.

Take That

March 26, 2011After Hours

Berlin Wedding It has come to my attention that my bicycle has a number of disconcerting safety issues and that if I want to get through bicycle exploring season without breaking my head, I will need to get a new one. + Confettisystem. I love it that people make a living doing this kind of … Read More

Moving Day

March 2, 2011After Hours

Knaackstraße, Berlin. Today is moving day. It is hard to leave a place you love so much for so many reasons when the reason your leaving is for only one reason. But so it is. So here’s to a new chapter, starting in two hours. P.S. I realize I’ve been shooting my mouth off about … Read More


February 2, 2011After Hours

Everybody’s talking about the insufferable cold. At the moment it is 36°F or 2°C. That sound you hear is the collective snort from my readers in Minnesota, where it is currently -5°F or -20°C. And honestly when I go outside here, I still secretly marvel to myself that it is actually so *warm* and that … Read More

In the evening.

January 28, 2011After Hours

Corner of Kollmarerstraße and Knaackstraße, Berlin. + I might kiss Berlin good-bye forever if this could be mine. (via Nokohaha)

Crescent moon.

December 9, 2010After Hours

Berlin. It snowed hard all day, then the sky cleared just in time to reveal the moon.

Danish Christmas.

December 6, 2010After Hours

Berlin. DVD menus, dinner and Skype conversations, Christmas music, computer operating systems; there have been times in the last months when I’ve had the distinct feeling that I hear and read more Danish than German because, through a string of coincidences, I have had the pleasure of befriending a little gang of Danes in Berlin. … Read More


December 3, 2010After Hours

Berlin. Seven inches of powdery snow fell on Berlin yesterday, obliging parents everywhere to trot out the family toboggan and dutifully pull their kiddos through the winter wunderland. + Little trees sculpted from—and living inside of—shopping bags. By Yuken Teruya.


December 2, 2010After Hours

Berlin. Homesickness set in a few weeks ago and then Berlin succumbed to subzero temperatures, a mean wind blew, and the snow began to fall. Everyone else is freaking out in disbelief about the cold and the couple inches of snow, but to me it feels exactly like home. + Tangible images by Julien Vallée.