Lebkuchen season.

November 7, 2010After Hours

This afternoon, in a grocery store that was actually open on a Sunday, I bought my first Lebkuchen of the season. I don’t want to talk about or acknowledge the fact that I brought those Lebkuchen home and immediately subjected them to a photo shoot before eating them.

Matters of darkness and marching bands

November 5, 2010After Hours

We turned back the clocks last weekend, so it is dark early (timestamp on this photo: 4:39:07 pm). Although doing daytime things in the darkness triggers the sensation of winter, it has been mild and rainy—not very winter-like at all. The darkness only gets grimmer from here; in one month the sun will be officially … Read More

Lala ich bin cool.

October 25, 2010After Hours

Alte Jakobstraße, Stargarder Straße, Berlin. Made a trip to the Berlinische Galerie to see some exhibits from the European Month of Photography. Liked the project Personal Views by Susanne Wehr. Instead of traditional framed prints, she made the project photos—and the writing that accompanied them—into a wallpaper that covered the entire exhibition wall.

City walking

October 23, 2010After Hours

It was a perfect autumn day and I spent it well, walking around the city with my weekend guest.

Taken with my phone.

October 19, 2010After Hours

Wiesenstraße, Berlin-Wedding. Not sure why but I keep leaving my real cameral at home, relying instead on the phone camera. I’ve been writing about zines this last week so it was nice to stumble into do you read me?! and see some real-life copies of my subject matter. Was happy to see the work of … Read More

Discovering the Liepnitzsee.

July 16, 2010After Hours

Liepnitzsee, Brandenburg. I was standing in chest-high water when I took this photo. Wait—let me say that again: I was standing in crystal clear, chest-high water, with my feet on a soft, sandy lake bottom when I took this photo. When I saw the Liepnitzsee, I knew I was going to change my tune about … Read More


July 12, 2010After Hours

It’s been hovering around 100°F/37°C the last week, so like everyone else (who’s not at the lake), I’ve been hiding out in the apartment for way too many days.

Living in Another Country

January 17, 2010After Hours

I wasn’t too enthusiastic this week about my status as a stranger in a strange land. I try to enjoy the opportunity to live in another country because it is something that most people never get to do. But sometimes I’ve just had it. When things are going well, living in another country provides the … Read More