To my delight, I’ve had a regular visitor to my studio these last couple of weeks: a naughty but charming little bird who flies in and out as he pleases, stealing bread and amusing me to no end.

On the other side of the flat, Peeper #1 left the nest for good a few days ago. #2 is still hanging out in the flower pot, not showing the restlessness of her sibling, who couldn’t wait to get out of there—even before he could fly, he was exploring the balcony. I am happy to have her stay just a little bit longer as long as she’s just a late bloomer and nothing is wrong with her. The parents still come back to feed her and hang out a little bit. But otherwise it is honestly a little bit sad—or maybe just bittersweet—to see her left behind like this, getting up the courage to make the next step.

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  • Nice to see she’s taking her time and keeping you company. If it’s actually a she – that’s an intuition I share, she seems kind of considerate.

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