Not too much going on at the office this week in terms of the Report. This is what I’ve got:
-Homogenous campaign posters going up all over town featuring a large mug shots of the candidates
-Julian at the Yes Bar giving me a lesson on how to properly balance and relax on his bar’s teeny tiny chairs
-Double rainbow!
Tacos Berlin at the Freie Internationale Tankstelle (FIT). Tacos Berlin is a food truck and the tacos were sooooo good. I will be hunting them down again in the future. FIT is a an art and project space housed in what I believe is the oldest gas station in Berlin. That night they were showing an open-air movie.


  • Is that the double rainbow from Friday evening? Saw it as we were approaching Berlin on the train that night. A wonderful welcome!

    • Yes it is from Friday evening! Wasn’t it spectacular? The golden light in the western sky was amazing, too. That IS a nice welcome. 🙂

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