The week started at the riverside Kiki Blofeld, for which I have no video. I think this had something to do with the place feeling a little bit deflated; things are changing—the most glaring evidence being the view across the river, where the opposite beach bar had been razed. It sat silently in a sad pile, in plain view, while we drank our sodas in the sand.

So we ran off to Kjosk, an old double decker bus, retrofitted as a kind of convenience store with outdoor seating all around. They were serving food that day and it was packed, which forced us to sit up on top to eat our sandwiches—but that was actually more fun anyways.

And, finally, there was a proper summer day here in Berlin: warm and humid and sunny. This facilitated what can only be described as a day that condensed all of what summer should be into less than 24 hours: bike riding, swimming in cool water, a sunset picnic, mosquitoes, a late-dusk walk back to the main trail that took us along the incredibly still waterside, and sitting outside talking until all hours because it was just too warm and beautiful to go inside—or bring it to an end. Overall, we did get robbed of a real summer this year, but this day…this day more than made up for it.