Prater Berlin

My oh my did this week go quickly! Our only plans for the weekend are to check out the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, which starts in Portland. Last Sunday we ate dinner outside at Stammtisch—they threw the doors open to the sidewalk and the sound of the soccer game drifted out to us. Just yes to everything about that. It made me homesick for Berlin—and happy to eat outside! Every day on my afternoon walk, I make notes of new places with good outdoor seating so…hopefully a new spot will be sampled this weekend, too. The weather is supposed to be spectacular. What about you? Hope you have a good one!

Next up—links from the week!

Confession: I loathe the term “bucket list.” Instead: this guy and his microadventures philosophy, please.

Using 1937 train tables, this guy created a subway-style map of San Francisco’s historic train system.

Sounds of New York City in the 1920s.

As someone who has an unedited, 20-year-old documentary disintegrating on mini vhs tapes somewhere, I admire this guy’s tenacity.

If you like looking at old newspaper ads from the 1960s, you can browse and help the New York Times digitize their collection right here—it’s super easy and fun!

Travel is good for creativity. You don’t say.

Photo by Dan Sloane of my beloved Prater, Berlin’s oldest Beer Garden and the best place to chat the evening away under glowy lights.



  • What, you guys moved to Portland? How did I miss that? How is the food at this Stammtisch place? It sounds good! I wonder why we don’t have as many places to eat outside in the US as in Berlin. I can count the places around here on one hand! And we have perfect evening dining weather year-round!

    • Ha—yes we did but you probably didn’t realize it because I never really officially announced it. It was pretty spontaneous and we are still in transition until the end of the month. The food is good at Stammtisch and their other place, Prost. Just sat outside in the sun there over the weekend. Crazy that there aren’t more outdoor places where you are. That surprises me!

  • I also find “Bucket List” silly and annoying. If there is some big thing you want to do (travel somewhere, skydive…), make it happen! Or realize that it’s your decision not to do it: you are prioritizing other things are more important to you right now, whether family, job, saving, or whatever. And yes, micro-adventures are great. My friend Anke and I used to specialize in going “on vacation” in Berlin. An afternoon off work, an outdoor setting by some water and a cold beer is all you need!

    • Glad I am not the only one who takes issue with that. Yeah…it’s like it elevates all of this stuff to once-in-a-lifetime or maybe in 30 years when I’m retired instead of focusing on the everyday and what we can do to make the here and now fulfilling and interesting!

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