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Hello! How was your week and what are you up to this weekend?

This week for me was a trip through my past, sifting through notebooks, photographs, letters, and memorabilia that spanned my whole life. It was a pretty intense look at all the layers of myself from odd angles…so much time, so many different eras. Everything simultaneously familiar and like I was eavesdropping on someone else’s most private thoughts.

I’ve been visiting with all of my favorite people and my heart aches to leave them again so soon. The weather in Minneapolis has been beautiful and the city…oh my city. It might not be as cool as Portland or Berlin, but it holds its own in so many ways. Lots of complicated feelings over here, people, about home and belonging. I could go on and on about that.

In the coming week we’ll be boxing it all up and closing a very big chapter when we close on the sale of this house a week from today. There is so much sorting and packing to do before then. Wish us luck!

Hope you have a great weekend and—links! I thought I had more but somehow there were only two in the list, so here you have it:

+ Our friend Anne Ditmeyer wrote the latest Herb Lester map for small shops in Paris. These maps are so wonderful and fun to use when visiting a new place—or even a place you know well!

+ The history of cartography illustrated in 12 maps.

Image from Present & Correct