Sears 1960s

Hello friends! How is the new year treating you so far? I got back to Portland over the weekend, just barely missing a snow and ice storm. I’ve heard about how Portland shuts down after even the tiniest amount of snow and I have to say that, as a northerner, I always rolled my eyes at this. But ok, now that I’ve seen what happens when streets don’t get plowed or sanded or salted—yeah, it was pretty bad. Kinda like here—fast forward to 00:40

Well, now the snow and ice have melted and the temps are a little bit milder. Looking forward to a weekend of coffee and drawing. Hope you have a good one, too!

9550 year old tree discovered in Sweden.

+ Birds saved centuries old documents in their nests.

+ The enduring allure of forests, real and imagined.

Lost 1928 Walt Disney film uncovered in British Film Institute archive.

+ Atomic Age creations from Betty Crocker.

Photo courtesy Mark2400 on Flickr