Hello friends!

Any plans on the books this weekend? I’ll tell you what—after the whirlwind that was this week, I am sitting here dumbfounded that it’s Friday already with no idea as to what’s going on out in the world this weekend. I’ve got a coffee meeting and that’s it. This week has been all about getting up early and staying up late, drawing, designing, and making stuff. It’s been pretty glorious and even though I know I need to make time for other things, I’m kind of looking forward to doing more of the same in the next few days.

Actually, my routine and activities around here lately have given me the nicest flashbacks to the apartment I rented in college with two other roommates. It was a four-plex and we were on the first floor with a big picture window that looked out onto the street. At one point I was taking a bookmaking class and would sit at the big table we had in front of the picture window, working on cutting, binding, and gluing my projects. I loved it and spent many evenings there with them, talking and laughing as I worked on my projects and they worked on theirs.

Other than that, on Tuesday I took receipt of the massive wooden crate that contains that panels I’ll be painting on the new easel. The crate is about 5 feet long, 140 lbs, and makes this small studio seem even smaller. With some help I was able to stand it on end and get it partially out of the way, so that was good. But basically it’s reinforcing the state of this space, which is that it really needs some organization. Not that I have that much stuff—it’s more about getting a few drawers/shelves/files to make better use of the space. But where to begin? I don’t know.

And finally, I have not one link to share with you this week. I just checked Pocket, which is where I save them when I run across them—and there is nothing there!

I hope you have a great weekend and week. Until next time!


Photo via EuroVintage on Etsy