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By the time you read this, we will be heading north towards the Canadian border. The house I’ve owned for 15 years will no longer be ours and all of our things, save a few heading for Portland, will be packed away in storage. I imagine it will be a strange feeling of freedom—no more worries about repairs to an old house or mutating tenants—what is THAT like? I’m excited to find out. On the other hand, the house has been so good to me and has been a true home and refuge—the thought of not having that security is a little unsettling.

Sorting and packing 15 years worth of stuff in two weeks has been bonkers and we are exhausted. Add to that trying to stay on top of work, saying good-bye to friends and a city…it’s been a lot and we are so happy to be spending a quiet weekend on Lake Superior before driving to the airport and heading west.

So good-bye Minneapolis and all good people there. I will miss you. And good-bye house. I will miss you so much, too.

There’s been no time for internetting this week, so my links list is empty except for one thing: Newspaper Club wrote a nice feature on the Minnesota Landscapes newspaper I printed with them. You can read the post they wrote on their blog as well as the post I wrote about it on the Field Office studio blog!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Photo by Me for the Field Office

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  • A bittersweet bon voyage to the Minneapolis house. A lot of history and countless memories. Thinking of you guys!

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