Tom Bihn Field Journal
It’s the weekend! What are your plans?

Last weekend we had the best time in Boise celebrating my niece’s birthday and this weekend we’ve got plans to hit up the Wood & Faulk sample sale on Saturday (from 10-2 if you are in the Portland area).

Some links I’ve collected this week:

+ If you want a serious thrill while you sit in your seat, watch this absolutely insane video of a hiker walking the Camino del Rey in Spain before it was restored.
Read more about it and the reopening in this Guardian article—looks amazing but the waiting list is long!

+ Knitting culture in the Faroe Islands sounds like a blast and so does the annual knitting festival in April.

+ How photos were edited before Photoshop.

+ Last year, a storm off the coast of Wales revealed a prehistoric forest under the beach.

+ A secret swimming pool in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

+ Swapping an iPhone for a 2004 Motorola Razr.

Photo of the Tom Bihn Field Journal courtesy of the Well-Appointed Desk.