EO Travel Collection by Incase

November 24, 2012Gear, Travel and Lifestyle Gear
I got my first Incase bag circa 2002, before they began designing specifically for technology. I loved that bag—the compartments were so well thought out and it looked great. They've just been improving things in the meantime, making camera bags (I've got the DSLR Sling Pack), iPhone cases, and backpacks. My Incase backpack is old, [...]

Pinboard: Totes + Bags

September 20, 2012Gift Guides

  While planning for a visit to London this weekend, I got it in my head that I need a new bag. Which I don’t. But I compiled a list of favorites anyways. And although I would happily tote any of them around town, it is #8 that has cast a spell on me and … Read More

Pinboard: Mobile Studio

September 9, 2012Gear, Mobile Studio Gear

Winslow Homer’s residence/studio in Maine might be the perfect way to work on location—if your subject matter doesn’t stray far from the sea. Sometimes I feel like I’m working on location, too, here in this city…but mostly my mind wanders to far off landscapes that I’d like to work from. And so I google and I travel. … Read More

Pinboard: Picnic Supplies

July 20, 2012Camp Cooking, Gear

We don’t have a balcony in our Berlin flat—much less a backyard—so picnics have shifted from romantic, once-per-summer events to practical, regular affairs. I love it that a good picnic system requires simplicity…and often involves specialty cases. Some of our favorite picnic supplies: 1) No complicated salads or food prep—cheese, bread, and olives are our speed. … Read More