Minneapolis Holidazzle ParadeMinneapolis Holidazzle Parade

Before we left Berlin, I told some of you not to congratulate us too quickly on our just-before-winter departure. Because I knew we were coming here, to a land where sub-subzero temperatures are so unremarkable that there is a yearly tradition of parades at the darkest and coldest time of the year.

Minneapolis Holidazzle ParadeMinneapolis Holidazzle Parade

This is the Holidazzle Parade, which runs a couple times a week from Thanksgiving to Christmas. In its 20-year history, it has been cancelled a handful of times either because there was so much snow that the floats couldn’t get through or because the windchill was a dangerous -25F/-31C.

Minneapolis Holidazzle ParadeMinneapolis Holidazzle Parade

The thing with Minneapolis is that there are skyways (above) that connect the buildings and serve as heated alternatives to the cold sidewalks below. A lot of people view the parade from the skyways, but most choose the street.

Minneapolis Holidazzle ParadeMinneapolis Holidazzle Parade Food Truck

We shot from both places and can report that despite the cold, the street is much more fun for all of the reasons you might imagine—more life, more noise, the food vendors, kids playing in the snow, etc. Unfortunately, Glühwein hasn’t made it to Minnesota yet.

Minneapolis IDS TowerRolleiflex

Anthony shot with the Rolleiflex. I wanted to include some of his images, too, because he focused on the parade itself. The only lab in town is pretty out of the way, though, so the film hasn’t been processed yet.

Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade

I read that this is the parade’s final year, which is sad. There aren’t many events like this that bring people into downtown and onto the street. It makes such a difference—it makes Minneapolis feel like a living city.

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  • I love all of the glow and the action. I never made it to the Holidazzle, so I’m sad too that this was its last year. It’s like I’m a phony Minnesotan! At least it’s now preserved with you guys having captured it.

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