A couple of you have written to ask…what happened to us. Where are we? What’s going on? We are in Berlin, folks—thank you for your hellos and for checking in on us!

We’ve been back a little over a week. That trip was fun, but it was exhausting. Moving around all the time and trying to be creative and productive…it wore me out. I realized towards the end there that I needed to focus my creative energy, that some things needed to go.

Well. We are back now and settling into life here again and I haven’t given up on the blog yet. It’s just that it requires time and I’m still not sure how to balance it with everything else.

Things are pretty much as we left them—the bakery around the corner, the German radio station that plays the most mind-blowing mix of music you ever shall hear, my blanket project whose, whose stitch pattern was remarkably still in my brain.


  • Welcome back! That’s a beautiful blanket and a pretty pattern on the floor! (No, no arbitrary alliterations.) If there is an awesome radio station in Germany, I’d love to know about it. We suffer from a severe lack of variety and quality around here and maybe that channel is available online …?

  • Thanks Tina! Weeelllll the Brandenburg radio station we listen to is mind-blowing in a special way, mixing the old with the new. A lot of older stuff I’ve never heard because I think it was a Euro thing and just really all over the map, genre-wise. That said, we are addicted to listening to it….! :0

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